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LEMURIA IS RISING in the hearts of Humanity

Many have been suspended in a deep period of grief and trauma since the Maui fires on 8/8 Lions Gate Portal…

Our hearts have been cracked wide open as we witness the devastation and suffering of our beloved Motherland of Lemuria.

It has been especially painful to learn of the dark agendas seeking to destroy and take over this sacred land and the original encodings of creation that are anchored within the crystalline grids there and the sacred DNA held within the lineages of the native Hawaiian custodians.

This moment in time is one of the biggest collective awakening turning points with the disclosures unfolding allowing many to peer beyond the veils of illusion, distortion and inversions. For some this may be the first time to hear, sense and see the depth of corruption, manipulation and control humanity has been under.

The truth has spread like wildfire… it is a ‘red pill’ moment for humanity.

This is now our time to embody the highest level of consciousness to go beyond fear and separation to truly witness the Divine Higher plan with deep trust that as these artificial agendas and timelines are contrived, they often result in a counter productive effect taking place as no-thing can compare to the true power and light of Organic Source Creation.

We are also being asked to step into Mastery on all levels to be ever so mindful of the frequency we hold inside so we are not projecting more fear and separation into the collective. The biggest initiation of our lifetime is to be able to hold LOVE “The spirit of Aloha” in our hearts, even when witnessing the severe atrocities unfolding… not only in Maui but in many places across our beloved Earth Mother.

Our beautiful Motherland of Lemuria holds the Original Codes of Creation… She is the Heart Chakra of our planet and the 12th Dimensional Stargate. It is clear to see why this area has been targeted. Many of us have returned with these sacred encodings within our DNA from this ancient civilisation that embodied Unity, truth, love, harmony, peace, devotion, beauty, grace and empowerment. A culture so beautifully interwoven and interconnected with the tapestry of all life… One another, Gaia, the Sea, The Stars, Plants and Animals, The elementals and benevolent beings of light.

Those that hold these keys within, also hold the a deep remembrance and trauma of the fall of our beautiful civilisation and these memories have resurfaced and been re-triggered in these recent events. It is important we allow ourselves to feel and process these deep karmic wounds… the only way out is through.

Giving ourselves this sacred pause to allow it all to move through us will allow us to arrive on the other side with our passion re-ignited… perhaps you feel your Soul purpose activating and awakening even more now as you begin to rise into all new levels of your starseed mission.

We know deep within our hearts these artificial timelines cannot fully anchor, however it is up to us to continue to uphold the frequency of the planet to hold off these agendas from playing out so that we do not re-create the same timelines from the Fall of Atlantis where a misuse of power and artificial technology created the fall of consciousness and thus the destruction of these civilisations. The time is NOW to reclaim our sovereign power of creation to birth that which we desire for our Crystalline Gaia. This is not the moment to check out, go back to sleep or want to leave… this is our time to RISE for humanity. We are the ones we have been waiting for and it starts with simply embodying ALL OF OUR LIGHT AND PRESENCE… to hold a love so deep within… a love that is unconditional… a love that can stare in the face of evil and still hold love witnessing how far these forces have fallen grace… from their connection to source… as they try to grapple in these final moments of desperation, creating great chaos and confusion in the physical planes, we can see how this IS what is awakening humanity from their deepest amnesia.

The black magic spells are being lifted and we have an opportunity to restore Heaven on Earth… our Paradise of Lemuria, and to flip the matrix of reversals that have been running to block our connection with Source / Mother / Father God flowing through us and the Original Codes of Creation we hold within every cell of our being. May we dream the New Golden Age of Light into existence by holding the vision and taking aligned action as we are being guided to create a new way, to forge a new path for humanity. To be the leader of light you came here to be. The lighthouse. Never underestimate the power you hold as a light worker, simply by holding a field of heart coherence your awakened and activated frequency has the power stabilise all the fear that surrounds you.

May we continue to hold our beloved Lahaina, Maui and Lemuria in our hearts and prayers and continue to create offerings to Gaia to support our re-connection and re-commitment to her.

May we continue to gather in the unified field of the heart to amplify the frequency of love on the planet.

Lemuria will RISE even higher… this is her moment to truly awaken and illuminate the Divine Mother Heart-Womb Frequency on the planet… the Sacred Feminine principle of creation to unify with the Sacred Masculine to restore Unity Consciousness and a return to the Sophia-Christos Heiros Gamos Templates of Divine Union.

And so it is. And so it shall be done.

And to my beautiful community here in the Northern Rivers, Stay connected for the announcement of my next ceremony on Friday 1st September, which will be dedicated to Maui and part proceeds will be donated for the relief and restoration needed there. We will bathe in a Lemurian Sound Temple Ceremony, heal any grief and trauma we may be carrying and elevate our Frequency of Creation to Dream into existence the New Earth timelines we wish to anchor.

Infinite Love and Aloha Beautiful Souls

April Swift

Star Soul Lineage

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