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Aloha Beautiful...

IT is an honour to connect

About Me 𓆃

I am a Loving Partner to Luke and Devoted Mother to our daughters Lani & Gypsea... family is everything to me... it is the role I so gratefully chose in this lifetime...  And so too is my Sacred Mission as a Leader of Light for Humanity and Gaia.  So here I am to Weave and Dance this Journey we call Life... humbly as a Student, continually evolving, listening and anchoring deeper into Loving Presence, Unifying separation to Remember all is One.


I am Lemurian Rose Priestess who is passionate about holding a nurturing, safe and loving space for souls to awaken and discover their unique Magic within, illuminating their souls Divine Blueprint, bringing transformation, empowerment and a return to the crystalline heart, Remembering the multidimensionality of your expansive being. It is my souls mission to assist the Ascension of our planet as we return to LOVE in Unity consciousness, bringing balance and harmony to the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine, illuminating the Sophia Christ Consciousness within and anchoring higher frequencies into the crystalline grids of Gaia.

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April Swift ~
Star Soul Lineage

Lemurian Rose Priestess, Sound Alchemist,
Light Language Channel, Embodiment Guide

I have been initiated into the Priestess Path and become a Lemurian Leader and Activator of the Rose Lineage Codes through various Mystery Schools, Spirit lead Initiations & Remembrances, and a Recent Soul Retrieval Pilgrimage to Egypt.  I have studied (and continue to study furthermore as a student of life) Life Empowerment Coaching, Reiki I & II, Sound Healing, Yoga, Pranayama, Dance, Astrology, Metaphysical and Ascension studies and various other healing modalities and techniques used in Ancient Civilisations such as Lemuria, that I incorporate into my offerings. Over the past 14 years I have been on an inner journey of awakening and healing the soul from within, healing an Auto Immune Disease through sound healing and activating my own soul gifts from lifetimes to now share with others. As a student of life, I am always humbled by the continual growth of this journey.


It is my greatest honour that Spirit called me to the Sacred Lands of the Northern Rivers to hold Ceremonial Space here working with the beautiful souls who bless us with their presence as we gather in ritual unifying in the field of the Heart, where collectively we are bringing Heaven to Earth for the highest illumination of all beings. 


I look forward to connecting heart to heart with you


Oceans of LOVE and Crystalline Light


April Swift ♡𓆃

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