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🌹🔥𓋹𓆃 I barely have words to share as I witness the further destruction and genocide of innocent beings unfolding Gaza…

Children, Mothers, Women and Men.

As a Mother, I feel the Mothers across our planets hearts and wombs bleeding for the attack on what is sacred, holy and pure.

I feel the Voices not being heard as my throat chakra constricts, asking for clearing so our voices united are listened to.

I feel my Heart cracking open to beam light to those who need it most

I feel my Womb transmuting, alchemising & clearing trauma.

I feel the fire in my belly igniting… feeling the mission and purpose we came here for crystallising further more

I know so many feel helpless for how to help, how to serve, with a heaviness in their hearts…


We each hold unique roles in this planetary unfoldment.

Some are called to Sacred Activism… on the front line as Light Warriors, voicing the truth, speaking up, calling for action, for CEASEFIRE!!

Some are called to Anchor in as Frequency Keepers to stabilise the planet. To hold an unwavering field of unified peace, harmony and love within their coherent hearts.

Some are called to Prayer and Sacred Light Work to bring light to support Humanity and Gaia where it is needed most.

Some are called to continue their Planetary Grid Work and Gate Keeping, working in the unseen realms to dismantle the false agendas and open new star gates for new light to enter the planet.

Some are called to Ritual and Ceremony as their Sacred Prayer for Humanity knowing that their prayers are heard through the art of pure Intent and Devotion, with Offerings and Reverence to what is sacred as their prayer offerings are rippled through the Sacred Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ethers.

Some are called to transmute the collective trauma with sacred rage, music, dance, song and art forms.

Some may be called to donate time, money or resources.

And, Some are called to go deeper within to meet their own shadow, unhealed traumas and anywhere they hold separation within knowing that we are all a fractals of the ONE… the microcosm to the macrocosm… and all that unfolds on a planetary scale is a reflection of what we each hold within as sacred mirrors amplifying the quantum field.

Some are called to rise as healers, energy workers, space holders & facilitators to support those as we walk through the fires of Initiation, Planetary Awakening and Embodied Ascension.

Some are called to rise as Leaders of Light and Way Showers to guide Humanity in a New Way… to Create, to Birth a New Paradigm of consciousness, Uniting communities together to end all separation and return to Unity Consciousness, Remembering the Truth, Purity and Sovereign Empowerment when connected to the infinite light of Organic Source Creation / Mother Father God.

And some are called to simply BE the pillar of light for their families and communities.

All are valid and invaluable to rippling change in the collective and flipping this distorted / inverted matrix.

The most important thing to remember in these times is that TOGETHER UNITED WE ARE STRONGER… this is NO TIME FOR JUDGEMENT for how one chooses to offer their SACRED NO to these evil acts upon the innocent.

The first step to being of service is to close your eyes, go within and LISTEN DEEPLY… ask your Heart, your Guides where can I best support in these times?… Then open as a conduit for the Divine and act upon that. Your pure hearts intent is of upmost importance.


This is not a time to look outside of yourself to know how you need to respond. For another’s sacred mission is different to yours, we each have unique encodings within, soul gifts to share for the greater good of humanity.

LISTEN TO WHAT IS TRUE AND ALIVE FOR YOU. If you are pulled off your centre by following someone else’s dharma your voice will not be heard, your nervous system will be greatly affected and you will burn out. Stay true to you and TRUST that your Aligned Action and Pure Heart Intention and Devotion is Everything… then follow that.

We do not need to add to the collect drama and chaos by acting impulsively without intent. Your voice is heard when you stay in your POWER, AS A SOVEREIGN LEADER, with grace, confidence and conviction.


This morning as I meditated and offered up my prayers I felt Isis, Hathor, The Star Mothers and Seraphim Angels gathering, uniting their Golden Wings together creating a dome of light and protection around the Gaza Strip. May we continue to hold this vision of infinite light, protection and support for ALL these beautiful souls…

May their voices be heard,

May the light of the Holy Mother Sophia penetrate the hearts of those who have been hijacked by evil forces to REMEMBER the infinite light of Love.

Soul fam… may we each remember our unique and sacred mission and UNITE in our courageous and compassionate FIERCE LOVE


Oceans of Love and Crystalline Light

April Swift

Star Soul Lineage

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