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Sat, 11 Nov



💫 11:11 STARGATE 💫


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💫 11:11 STARGATE 💫
💫 11:11 STARGATE 💫

Time & Location

11 Nov 2023, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm AEDT



About the event

💫 11:11 STARGATE 💫


11th November 2023

11am - approx 1pm AEDT

Online Event via Zoom

AU $44

✨ Online Ceremony

✨ Light Body Workshop & Journalling

✨ Embodiment Practices

✨ Channeled Light Activation ~ Meditation Journey

✨ Including DNA Key Code Activations & Quantum Energy Healing

✨ Integration & Sharing Circle

Aloha Beautiful Soul

This 11:11 Stargate Portal is opening up an Ascension gateway for the illumination of your LIGHT BODY which is your souls Divine Blueprint / holographic template that holds the keys to your Embodied Ascension. 11:11 is a Master Number in numerology that brings an amplification of your Highest Destiny Path, Manifestation and Divine Union in the merging of polarities within ~ the Sacred Feminine and Masculine / Sophia Christos Divine Blueprint of Hieros Gamos.

These powerful Stargates are potent times to anchor into the unified heart field to open up and receive the incoming Photonic Plasma Light flowing in through our Magnetosphere and activate your Diamond Heart which is the access point to activating your crystalline DNA and illuminated Light Body.

We had been told that our body has so called ‘junk DNA’… this is so far from the truth…

The innate intelligence of your body beckons to be awakened and fully online with all 12 strands and BEYOND firing and illuminated to access your soul gifts and full operating capacity. Currently the majority of humanity is operating on 2 strands which links to the base and sacral chakras. This is where we see a world operating predominantly in the shadow aspects of FEAR = Base Chakra and Sex, Money, Power = Sacral Chakra.

Through Channeled Light Activations we can support this Dormant DNA to come back ‘online’ allowing you to POWER UP and step into your highest alignment and unique soul expression to share your gifts for the greater good of Humanity and Gaia.

Beautiful Soul… Your Light, Your Truth, Your Unique Soul encodings are needed NOW more than ever.

We are in very powerful times of our Planetary Ascension. We are riding the waves of deep inner transformation, awakening and activation as we return to our authentic truth and illuminated soul expression.

Rapid acceleration is happening with infinite amounts of photonic plasma light entering Earth’s atmosphere. Veils are thinning more than ever before allowing many truths and revelations to be revealed. Our connection with the Divine is strengthening day by day as Gaia continues her ascension towards the galactic centre.

We are being called to rise as Leaders of Light to illuminate the path forward as we anchor and co-create the New Golden Age of Light.

THE TIME IS NOW… to step into your Divinity and Highest Souls Essence, and Remember your power as a Creator Being… connected with the infinite intelligence of God Source Creation flowing through you. The time is NOW to access your souls gifts and Original Divine Blueprint to rise in sacred service for humanity and Gaia…

We chose to be here for these times of Planetary Evolution and Ascension…

Do you feel the call to action for this sacred mission to BE HERE NOW in your sovereign embodiment and LIGHT as we gather in Sacred Co-creation to birth our Heaven on Earth Highest Organic timelines?

With all the devastation we witness as the Artificial False matrix dissolves, may this fuel your passion, devotion and desire to create a new way… to bring more Peace, Love and Unity as we restore the Original Codes of Creation and begin living this higher elevated frequency NOW.

Our New Earth Frequency begins within…

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without

As we purify and clear the limiting programs that have kept us bound, blocked, suppressed and in a state of fear and lack we begin to illuminate a path for our Highest Divinity to Emerge.



As a Divine Conduit between Heaven and Earth our Meditation will be channeled specifically to support the group and the current energies we will be working with during our Ceremony. Guided by my Family of Light, Star Beings and Original Earth Keepers, I will bring through High Frequency Light, Key Code Activations and Light Language to activate cellular DNA, awaken soul remembrances and promote deep healing and transformation. We will also anchor these frequencies into the Crystalline Grids for Planetary Activations and ripple the current of light across the Song Lines. It is powerful work we are being called to gather for!!! I thank you all for being here for it as it is time we unite to amplify the field of light together in greater ways.

*** LIGHT LANGUAGE is a direct transmission from spirit and the benevolent beings of light that hold the highest frequencies of Love and Light. The Sounds, Tones and Hand Mudras bypass the logical mind and speak directly to your soul activating a profound remembrance. It can often be felt as a full body tingling experience and can bring one to tears and even laughter as the heart opens to receive the infinite blessings from the Divine. It brings such a sense of Peace, Heart Expansion and Joy and can unlock many keys within you. The beings I work with mainly are the Star Mothers, Pleiadians, Celestial Mermaids, Sirians, Lyrans, Acturians, Hathors, Isis, Ascended Masters, Seraphim Angels, Whales, Dolphins, Original Earth Keepers and Ancestors


I am a Lemurian Rose Priestess who is passionate about holding a nurturing, safe and loving space for souls to awaken and discover their unique Magic within, illuminating their souls Divine Blueprint, bringing transformation, empowerment and a return to the crystalline heart, Remembering the multidimensionality of your expansive being. It is my souls mission to assist the Ascension of our planet as we return to LOVE in Unity consciousness, bringing balance and harmony to the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine, illuminating the Sophia Christ Consciousness within and anchoring higher frequencies into the crystalline grids of Gaia.

I have been initiated into the Priestess Path and become a Lemurian Leader and Activator of the Rose Lineage Codes through various Mystery Schools, Spirit lead Initiations & Remembrances, and a Recent Soul Retrieval Pilgrimage to Egypt. I have studied (and continue to study furthermore as a student of life) Life Empowerment Coaching, Reiki I & II, Sound Healing, Yoga, Pranayama, Dance, Astrology, Metaphysical and Ascension studies and various other healing modalities and techniques used in Ancient Civilisations such as Lemuria, that I incorporate into my offerings. Over the past 14 years I have been on an inner journey of awakening and healing the soul from within, healing an Auto Immune Disease through sound healing and activating my own soul gifts from lifetimes to now share with others. As a student of life, I am always humbled by the continual growth of this journey.

It is my greatest honour that Spirit called me to the Sacred Lands of the Northern Rivers to hold Ceremonial Space here working with the beautiful souls who bless us with their presence as we gather in ritual unifying in the field of the Heart, where collectively we are bringing Heaven to Earth for the highest illumination of all beings.

I look forward to connecting heart to heart with you

Oceans of LOVE and Crystalline Light

April Swift ♡𓆃


  • 11:11 Stargate ~ Online Event

    Online Event Via Zoom (includes recording)

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