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Beautiful Soul


I am so honoured you are here... 


You know your Soul came here for a unique purpose…

That feeling inside… a desire to serve as a Leader of Light, lit up by creating impact and change in the world.  

You know deep within your heart you were seeded from the Stars and are here to birth a new way…


You see the world through different lenses and dream to create a harmonious existence for all beings. 

You have a higher vision that transcends the old paradigm.


Our Star Soul Family is reuniting across the planet, we are here to Remember the encodings we hold within of Ancient lifetimes past...

Lemuria, Golden Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and beyond... together we are weaving the Lineages of Light to unify as ONE to Anchor the New Golden Age of Light for Humanity and Gaia.

Together we are Co-creating Heaven on Earth...

Thank you for being here.


It is my mission to support beautiful souls like you Remember your Soul essence, the unique Frequency you came to Earth to share. 


I am here to hold space and empower you to reclaim and retrieve the soul encodings that unlock your Souls Divine Blueprint to illuminate your Highest Destiny Path.  

Are you ready to unlock your Unique Encodings and Star Soul Frequency?

In these 1:1 STAR SOUL ACTIVATION SESSIONS I weave unique tools and healing modalities that have supported my awakening, souls evolution and expansion over the years.  Each session is intuitively tailored, unique to the needs of the individual and can include a variety of the following: 


𓆃  Star Soul Activation ~ Channeled Transmission and Light Language Activations encoded with High Frequency Light to unlock and illuminate your Souls Highest Destiny Path


𓆃  Quantum Energy Healing 


𓆃  Soul Alignment Coaching


𓆃  Spiritual Mentoring

𓆃  Grounding Soul Embodiment


𓆃  Astrology


𓆃  Oracle Guidance



*** What may unfold in a session… 



DNA Activations to unlock dormant Codes to support you in accessing your unique soul gifts, Frequency Elevation, Abundance Activations and Clearing of obstacles that may be blocking you from reaching your highest potential. Quantum Energy Healing, Past Life Cellular Remembrance or Integration, Divine Mother Healing and Activations, Timeline Healing, Shadow work and integration, Transformational Alchemy, Relationship Healing, Tools for empowerment, Devotional Rituals to support your spiritual practices, Higher Heart Unity Consciousness Activations, Quantum Leaps in your souls Expansion and Evolution.  A return to Divine Love.


Deep Dive into unlocking and Activating your Star Soul Frequency and Unique Soul Encodings

75 min Session online via video call ~ $144

*** Sessions include preparation and a check in for follow up support ***

If you feel called to co-create Magic together in the unified field of the Heart, follow the booking link below to align an available time and schedule in a soul nourishing session.


I look forward to connecting with you Beautiful Soul


Oceans of Love and Crystalline Light 


April Swift 

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